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Nanoparticles supported on non-modified cellulose films

26 October 2018 - 14h30 - 16h00

Fernanda Ferraz Camilo

Universidade Federal de São Paulo – Brazil


The application of nanomaterials as a powder or dispersion has several limitations such as difficulty in solid-liquid separation and in reuse and aggregation in the medium. An alternative to overcome this problem is to anchor the nanoparticles in suitable matrices. Cellulose films, obtained from renewable source, is an interesting material for use as support for nanomaterials due to its low cost, abundance, biodegradability and non-toxicity. In this presentation, we will show the production of conductive films based on a combination of cellulose film with silver nanoparticles and a conducting polymer, polyaniline [1]. Also, we will present the immobilization of other silver and manganese dioxide nanoparticles aiming the production of curatives with cicatrizing and bactericidal activities and catalysts for the degradation of indigo carmine, respectively.


[1] R. da S. Oliveira, M.A. Bizeto, F.F. Camilo, Production of self-supported conductive films based on cellulose, polyaniline and silver nanoparticles, Carbohydr. Polym. 199 (2018) 84–91. doi:10.1016/j.carbpol.2018.06.049.


26 October 2018
14h30 - 16h00


Amphithéâtre de l’IS2M
15 rue jean starcky
Mulhouse, Mulhouse 68057 France
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