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Berger, Marc; Nouali, Habiba; Dorge, Sophie; Habermacher, David; Fiani, Emmanuel; Vierling, Matthieu; Moliere, Michel; Schonnenbeck, Cornelius; Brilhac, Jean-Francois; Patarin, Joel

Long-term activity of a CuO/SBA-15 type SOx adsorbent: Impact of the regeneration step (Article de journal)

Chemical Engineering Journal, 347 , p. 202–213, 2018.

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Jeguirim, Mejdi; Belhachemi, Meriem; Limousy, Lionel; Bennici, Simona

Adsorption/reduction of nitrogen dioxide on activated carbons: Textural properties versus surface chemistry - A review (Article de journal)

Chemical Engineering Journal, 347 , p. 493–504, 2018.

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Kuznetsova, Lidiya I; Piryazev, Alexey A; Anokhin, Denis V; Mumyatov, Alexander V; Susarova, Diana K; Ivanov, Dimitri A; Troshin, Pavel A

Disubstituted perylene diimides in organic field-effect transistors: Effect of the alkyl side chains and thermal annealing on the device performance (Article de journal)

Organic Electronics, 58 , p. 257–262, 2018.

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Jouane, A; Moubah, R; Schmerber, G; Larde, R; Odarchenko, Y; Ivanov, D A; Lassri, H; Chapuis, Y - A; Jouane, Y

Morphological and micro-structural interface characterization in multilayer inverted polymer-fullerene bulk heterojunction solar cells (Article de journal)

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 180 , p. 258–265, 2018.

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Ouachtak, Hassan; Akhouairi, Siham; Addi, Abdelaziz Ait; Akbour, Rachid Ait; Jada, Amane; Douch, Jamaa; Hamdani, Mohamed

Mobility and retention of phenolic acids through a goethite-coated quartz sand column (Article de journal)

Colloids and Surfaces A-physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, 546 , p. 9–19, 2018.

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Banet, Philippe; Simonnet-Jegat, Corine; Goubard, Fabrice; Peralta, Sebastien; Lalevee, Jacques; Gigmes, Didier; Dumur, Frederic

Electrochromic behavior of drop-casted thin films combining a semi-conducting polymer mixed with a Keggin-type polyoxometalate (Article de journal)

Materials Chemistry and Physics, 211 , p. 312–320, 2018.

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Bodart, Philippe R; Delmotte, L; Rigolet, S; Brendle, J; Gougeon, Regis D

Li-7F-19 TEDOR NMR to observe the lithium migration in heated montmorillonite (Article de journal)

Applied Clay Science, 157 , p. 204–211, 2018.

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Aicha, Bechikh; Mohamed, Sassi; Jocelyne, Miehe-Brendle; Benedicte, Lebeau; Jean-Luc, Blin; Abdelkader, Bengueddach

Preparation of new microporous titanium pillared kenyaite materials active for the photodegradation of methyl orange (Article de journal)

Journal of Porous Materials, 25 (3), p. 801–812, 2018.

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Sahin, Nihat Ege; Comminges, Clement; Valant, Anthony Le; Kiener, Julien; Parmentier, Julien; Napporn, Teko W; Melinte, Georgian; Ersen, Ovidiu; Kokoh, Kouakou B

One-Pot Soft-Template Synthesis of Nanostructured Copper-Supported Mesoporous Carbon FDU-15 Electrocatalysts for Efficient CO2 Reduction (Article de journal)

Chemphyschem, 19 (11), p. 1371–1381, 2018.

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Zhang, Jing; Zivic, Nicolas; Dumur, Frederic; Xiao, Pu; Graff, Bernadette; Fouassier, Jean Pierre; Gigmes, Didier; Lalevee, Jacques

Naphthalimide-Tertiary Amine Derivatives as Blue-Light-Sensitive Photoinitiators (Article de journal)

Chemphotochem, 2 (6), p. 481–489, 2018.

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Ghimbeu, Camelia Matei; Luchnikov, Valeriy A

Hierarchical porous nitrogen-doped carbon beads derived from biosourced chitosan polymer (Article de journal)

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 263 , p. 42–52, 2018.

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Grespan, Eleonora; Giobbe, Giovanni G; Badique, Florent; Anselme, Karine; Ruehe, Juergen; Elvassore, Nicola

Effect of geometrical constraints on human pluripotent stem cell nuclei in pluripotency and differentiation (Article de journal)

Integrative Biology, 10 (5), p. 278–289, 2018.

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Ryzhikov, Andrey; Daou, Jean T; Noualia, Habiba; Patarin, Joel; Ouwehand, Judith; Clerick, Sander; Canck, Els De; Voort, Pascal Van Der; Martens, Johan A

Periodic mesoporous organosilicas as porous matrix for heterogeneous lyophobic systems (Article de journal)

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 260 , p. 166–171, 2018.

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Benaioun, N E; Maafa, I; Florentin, A; Denys, E; Hakiki, N E; Moulayat, N; Bubendorff, J L

Time dependence of the natural passivation process on AISI 304 in an alkaline medium: Atomic force microscopy and scanning Kelvin probe force microscopy as additional tools to electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (Article de journal)

Applied Surface Science, 436 , p. 646–652, 2018.

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Anselme, Karine; Wakhloo, Nayana Tusamda; Rougerie, Pablo; Pieuchot, Laurent

Role of the Nucleus as a Sensor of Cell Environment Topography (Article de journal)

Advanced Healthcare Materials, 7 (8), p. 1701154, 2018.

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Ghouma, Imen; Jeguirim, Mejdi; Limousy, Lionel; Bader, Najoua; Ouederni, Abdelmottaleb; Bennici, Simona

Factors Influencing NO₂ Adsorption/Reduction on Microporous Activated Carbon: Porosity vs. Surface Chemistry. (Article de journal)

Materials (Basel, Switzerland), 11 (4), 2018.

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Garra, Patxi; Dumur, Frederic; Gigmes, Didier; Nechab, Malek; Morlet-Savary, Fabrice; Dietlin, Celine; Gree, Simon; Fouassier, Jean Pierre; Lalevee, Jacques

Metal Acetylacetonate-Bidentate Ligand Interaction (MABLI) (Photo)activated Polymerization: Toward High Performance Amine-Free, Peroxide-Free Redox Radical (Photo)initiating Systems (Article de journal)

Macromolecules, 51 (7), p. 2706–2715, 2018.

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Herraiz, Michael; Dubois, Marc; Batisse, Nicolas; Hajjar-Garreau, Samar; Simon, Laurent

Large-scale synthesis of fluorinated graphene by rapid thermal exfoliation of highly fluorinated graphite (Article de journal)

Dalton Transactions, 47 (13), p. 4596–4606, 2018.

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Odarchenko, Yaroslav; Defaux, Matthieu; Rosenthal, Martin; Akhkiamova, Azaliia; Bovsunovskaya, Polina; Melnikov, Alexey; Rodygin, Alexander; Rychkov, Andrey; Gerasimov, Kirill; Anokhin, Denis V; Zhu, Xiaomin; Ivanov, Dimitri A

One Methylene Group in the Side Chain Can Alter by 90 Degrees the Orientation of a Main-Chain Liquid Crystal on a Unidirectional Substrate (Article de journal)

Acs Macro Letters, 7 (4), p. 453–458, 2018.

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Cichocka, Magdalena O; Lorgouilloux, Yannick; Smeets, Stef; Su, Jie; Wan, Wei; Caullet, Philippe; Bats, Nicolas; McCusker, Lynne B; Paillaud, Jean-Louis; Zou, Xiaodong

Multidimensional Disorder in Zeolite IM-18 Revealed by Combining Transmission Electron Microscopy and X-ray Powder Diffraction Analyses (Article de journal)

Crystal Growth & Design, 18 (4), p. 2441–2451, 2018.

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Aloulou, Wala; Hamza, Wiem; Aloulou, Hajer; Oun, Abdallah; Khemakhem, Sabeur; Jada, Amane; Chakraborty, Sudip; Curcio, Stefano; Amar, Raja Ben

Developing of titania-smectite nanocomposites UF membrane over zeolite based ceramic support (Article de journal)

Applied Clay Science, 155 , p. 20–29, 2018.

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Xi, Xuedong; Pizzi, Antonio; Delmotte, Luc

Isocyanate-Free Polyurethane Coatings and Adhesives from Mono- and Di-Saccharides (Article de journal)

Polymers, 10 (4), p. 402, 2018.

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Khiari, Besma; Jeguirim, Mejdi

Pyrolysis of Grape Marc from Tunisian Wine Industry: Feedstock Characterization, Thermal Degradation and Kinetic Analysis (Article de journal)

Energies, 11 (4), p. 730, 2018.

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Garra, P; Morlet-Savary, F; Graff, B; Dumur, F; Monnier, V; Dietlin, C; Gigmes, D; Fouassier, J P; Lalevee, J

Metal Acetylacetonate-Bidentate Ligand Interaction (MABLI) as highly efficient free radical generating systems for polymer synthesis (Article de journal)

Polymer Chemistry, 9 (12), p. 1371–1378, 2018.

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Astafan, Amir; Benghalem, Mohammed Amine; Michelin, Laure; Rigolet, Severinne; Patarin, Joel; Pinard, Ludovic; Daou, Jean T

Synthesis of hierarchical ZSM-48 nano-zeolites (Article de journal)

New Journal of Chemistry, 42 (6), p. 4457–4464, 2018.

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Mousawi, Assi Al; Garra, Patxi; Sallenave, Xavier; Dumur, Frederic; Toufaily, Joumana; Hamieh, Tayssir; Graff, Bernadette; Gigmes, Didier; Fouassier, Jean Pierre; Lalevee, Jacques

pi-Conjugated Dithienophosphole Derivatives as High Performance Photoinitiators for 3D Printing Resins (Article de journal)

Macromolecules, 51 (5), p. 1811–1821, 2018.

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Baron, Marc; Morris, Jason C; Telitel, Siham; Clement, Jean-Louis; Lalevee, Jacques; Morlet-Savary, Fabrice; Spangenberg, Arnaud; Malval, Jean-Pierre; Soppera, Olivier; Gigmes, Didier; Guillaneuf, Yohann

Light-Sensitive Alkoxyamines as Versatile Spatially- and Temporally-Controlled Precursors of Alkyl Radicals and Nitroxides (Article de journal)

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140 (9), p. 3339–3344, 2018.

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Paiva, L; Fidalgo, T K S; da Costa, L P; Maia, L C; Balan, L; Anselme, K; Ploux, L; Thire, R M S M

Antibacterial properties and compressive strength of new one-step preparation silver nanoparticles in glass ionomer cements (NanoAg-GIC). (Article de journal)

Journal of dentistry, 69 , p. 102–109, 2018.

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Ronchi, Laura; Ryzhikov, Andrey; Nouali, Habiba; Daou, Jean T; Patarin, Joel

Energetic Performances of Pure-Silica DDR Zeolite by High-Pressure Intrusion-Extrusion of Electrolyte Aqueous Solutions: A Shock-Absorber with Huge Absorbed Energy (Article de journal)

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122 (5), p. 2726–2733, 2018.

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Zhang, Jing; Zivic, Nicolas; Dumur, Frederic; Xiao, Pu; Graff, Bernadette; Fouassier, Jean Pierre; Gigmes, Didier; Lalevee, Jacques

N-[2-(Dimethylamino)ethyl]-1,8-naphthalimide derivatives as photoinitiators under LEDs (Article de journal)

Polymer Chemistry, 9 (8), p. 994–1003, 2018.

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Bonardi, A H; Dumur, F; Grant, T M; Noirbent, G; Gigmes, D; Lessard, B H; Fouassier, J - P; Lalevee, J

High Performance Near-Infrared (NIR) Photoinitiating Systems Operating under Low Light Intensity and in the Presence of Oxygen (Article de journal)

Macromolecules, 51 (4), p. 1314–1324, 2018.

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Mortada, Boushra; Chaplais, Gerald; Veremeienko, Vasyl; Nouali, Habiba; Marichal, Claire; Patarin, Joel

Energetic Performances of ZIF-8 Derivatives: Impact of the Substitution (Me, Cl, or Br) on Imidazolate Linker (Article de journal)

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122 (7), p. 3846–3855, 2018.

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Oras, Sven; Vlassov, Sergei; Berholts, Marta; Lohmus, Runno; Mougin, Karine

Tuning adhesion forces between functionalized gold colloidal nanoparticles and silicon AFM tips: role of ligands and capillary forces (Article de journal)

Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 9 , p. 660–670, 2018.

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Garra, Patxi; Carre, Meline; Dumur, Frederic; Morlet-Savary, Fabrice; Dietlin, Celine; Gigmes, Didier; Fouassier, Jean-Pierre; Lalevee, Jacques

Copper-Based (Photo)redox Initiating Systems Systems for Interpenetrating Polymer Network as Highly Efficient Preparation (Article de journal)

Macromolecules, 51 (3), p. 679–688, 2018.

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Wang, N; Meissner, M V; MacKinnon, N; Luchnikov, V; Mager, D; Korvink, J G

Fast prototyping of microtubes with embedded sensing elements made possible with an inkjet printing and rolling process (Article de journal)

Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 28 (2), p. 025003, 2018.

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Kunstman, Pawel; Coulon, Joel; Kolmykov, Oleksii; Moussa, Hatem; Balan, Lavinia; Medjahdi, Ghouti; Lulek, Janina; Schneider, Raphael

One step synthesis of bright luminescent core/shell CdTexS1-x/ZnS quantum dots emitting from the visible to the near infrared (Article de journal)

Journal of Luminescence, 194 , p. 760–767, 2018.

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Ghimbeu, Camelia Matei; Gorka, Joanna; Simone, Virgine; Simonin, Loic; Martinet, Sebastien; Vix-Guterl, Cathie

Insights on the Na+ ion storage mechanism in hard carbon: Discrimination between the porosity, surface functional groups and defects (Article de journal)

Nano Energy, 44 , p. 327–335, 2018.

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Sibeaud, Mathilde; Paz-Simon, De H; Croutxe-Barghorn, C; Rigolet, S; Michelin, L; Lebeau, B; Vidal, L; Albouy, P - A; Chemtob, A

Scaling-up of mesoporous silica films via an eco-efficient UV processing method. Part 1: Photoinduced mesostructuration (Article de journal)

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 257 , p. 42–50, 2018.

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Wang, Kuan-Hsun; Zan, Hsiao-Wen; Soppera, Olivier

The zinc-loss effect and mobility enhancement of DUV-patterned sol-gel IGZO thin-film transistors (Article de journal)

Semiconductor Science and Technology, 33 (3), p. 035003, 2018.

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Ryzhikov, A; Nouali, H; Daou, T J; Patarin, J

A drastic influence of the anion nature and concentration on high pressure intrusion-extrusion of electrolyte solutions in Silicalite-1. (Article de journal)

Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, 2018.

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Daukiya, L; Nair, M N; Hajjar-Garreau, S; Vonau, F; Aubel, D; Bubendorff, J L; Cranney, M; Denys, E; Florentin, A; Reiter, G; Simon, L

Highly n-doped graphene generated through intercalated terbium atoms (Article de journal)

Physical Review B, 97 (3), 2018.

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Bouaouina, B; Besnard, A; Abaidia, S E; Airoudj, A; Bensouici, F

Correlation between mechanical and microstructural properties of molybdenum nitride thin films deposited on silicon by reactive RF magnetron discharge (Article de journal)

Surface & Coatings Technology, 333 , p. 32–38, 2018.

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Garra, Patxi; Graff, Bernadette; Morlet-Savary, Fabrice; Dietlin, Celine; Becht, Jean-Michel; Fouassier, Jean-Pierre; Lalevee, Jacques

Charge Transfer Complexes as Pan-Scaled Photoinitiating Systems: From 50 mu m 3D Printed Polymers at 405 nm to Extremely Deep Photopolymerization (31 cm) (Article de journal)

Macromolecules, 51 (1), p. 57–70, 2018.

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Pinaud, Julien; Trinh, Thi Kim Hoang; Sauvanier, David; Placet, Emeline; Songsee, Sriprapai; Lacroix-Desmazes, Patrick; Becht, Jean-Michel; Tarablsi, Bassam; Lalevee, Jacques; Pichavant, Loic; Heroguez, Valerie; Chemtob, Abraham

In Situ Generated Ruthenium-Arene Catalyst for Photoactivated Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization through Photolatent N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligand (Article de journal)

Chemistry-a European Journal, 24 (2), p. 337–341, 2018.

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Zhao, Jiacheng; Lu, Mingxia; Lai, Haiwang; Lu, Hongxu; Lalevée, Jacques; Barner-Kowollik, Christopher; Stenzel, Martina H; Xiao, Pu

Delivery of Amonafide from Fructose-Coated Nanodiamonds by Oxime Ligation for the Treatment of Human Breast Cancer (Article de journal)

Biomacromolecules, 19 (2), p. 481-489, 2018, (PMID: 29316394).

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Quéméner, Frédéric Le; Subervie, Daniel; Morlet-Savary, Fabrice; Lalevée, Jacques; Lansalot, Muriel; Bourgeat-Lami, Elodie; Lacôte, Emmanuel

Visible-Light Emulsion Photopolymerization of Styrene (Article de journal)

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 57 (4), p. 957–961, 2018, ISSN: 1521-3773.

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Ronchi, Laura; Ryzhikov, Andrey; Nouali, Habiba; Daou, Jean T; Albrecht, Sebastien; Patarin, Joel

Extra large pore opening CFI and DON-type zeosils for mechanical energy storage (Article de journal)

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 255 , p. 211–219, 2018.

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Slesinski, Adam; Matei-Ghimbeu, Camelia; Fic, Krzysztof; Beguin, Francois; Frackowiak, Elzbieta

Self-buffered pH at carbon surfaces in aqueous supercapacitors (Article de journal)

Carbon, 129 , p. 758–765, 2018.

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Ulku, Irem; Morlet-Savary, Fabrice; Lalevee, Jacques; Acar, Havva Yagci

Homogenous photopolymerization of acrylic monomers initiated with ZnO-methacrylate in non-aqueous medium and production of luminescent nanocomposites (Article de journal)

Polymer Chemistry, 9 (7), p. 828–833, 2018.

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Conder, Joanna; Marino, Cyril; Novak, Petr; Villevieille, Claire

Do imaging techniques add real value to the development of better post-Li-ion batteries? (Article de journal)

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6 (8), p. 3304–3327, 2018.

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