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Massara, Natalia; Marjaoui, Adil; Stephan, Regis; Hanf, Marie-Christine; Derivaz, Mickael; Dentel, Didier; Hajjar-Garreau, Samar; Mehdaoui, Ahmed; Diani, Mustapha; Sonnet, Philippe; Pirri, Carmelo

Experimental molecular adsorption: electronic buffer effect of germanene on Al(111) (Article de journal)

2d Materials, 6 (3), p. 035016, 2019.

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Khiari, Besma; Jeguirim, Mejdi; Limousy, Lionel; Bennici, Simona

Biomass derived chars for energy applications (Article de journal)

Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 108 , p. 253–273, 2019.

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Zhou, Ruchun; Malval, Jean-Pierre; Jin, Ming; Spangenberg, Arnaud; Pan, Haiyan; Wan, Decheng; Morlet-Savary, Fabrice; Knopf, Stephan

A two-photon active chevron-shaped type I photoinitiator designed for 3D stereolithography (Article de journal)

Chemical Communications, 55 (44), p. 6233–6236, 2019.

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Ferjani, Ibn A; Jeguirim, M; Jellali, S; Limousy, L; Courson, C; Akrout, H; Thevenin, N; Ruidavets, L; Muller, A; Bennici, S

The use of exhausted grape marc to produce biofuels and biofertilizers: Effect of pyrolysis temperatures on biochars properties (Article de journal)

Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 107 , p. 425–433, 2019.

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Zuo, X L; Song, H S; Shao, H J; Wei, T; Guo, J B

Aging of OMMT/halogen-antimony-filled LGFPA6 composite: Effect on static and dynamic mechanical properties and fire behaviors (Article de journal)

Polymer Composites, 40 (6), p. 2208–2218, 2019.

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Dutournie, Patrick; Deon, Sebastien; Limousy, Lionel

Understanding the separation of anion mixtures by TiO2 membranes: Numerical investigation and effect of alkaline treatment on physicochemical properties (Article de journal)

Chemical Engineering Journal, 363 , p. 365–373, 2019.

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Gerard, Violaine; Ay, Emel; Morlet-Savary, Fabrice; Graff, Bernadette; Galopin, Christophe; Ogren, Thaddao; Mutilangi, William; Lalevee, Jacques

Thermal and Photochemical Stability of Anthocyanins from Black Carrot, Grape Juice, and Purple Sweet Potato in Model Beverages in the Presence of Ascorbic Acid (Article de journal)

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 67 (19), p. 5647–5660, 2019.

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Pinot, Matthieu; Lebeau, Benedicte; Nouali, Habiba; Daou, Jean T; Patarin, Joel; Ryzhikov, Andrey

High pressure intrusion of water and LiCl aqueous solutions in hydrophobic KIT-6 mesoporous silica: Influence of the grafted group nature (Article de journal)

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 280 , p. 248–255, 2019.

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Wang, Dengxia; Garra, Patxi; Szillat, Florian; Fouassier, Jean Pierre; Lalevee, Jacques

Silane Based Redox Initiating Systems: Toward a Safer Amine-Free, Peroxide-Free, and Metal-Free Approach (Article de journal)

Macromolecules, 52 (9), p. 3351–3358, 2019.

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Baralle, Alexandre; Garra, Patxi; Graff, Bernadette; Morlet-Savary, Fabrice; Dietlin, Celine; Fouassier, Jean Pierre; Lakhdar, Sami; Lalevee, Jacques

Iodinated Polystyrene for Polymeric Charge Transfer Complexes: Toward High-Performance Near-UV and Visible Light Macrophotoinitiators (Article de journal)

Macromolecules, 52 (9), p. 3448–3453, 2019.

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Dolgopolov, Andrey V; Grafskaia, Kseniia N; Bovsunovskaya, Polina V; Melnikova, Elina R; Ivanov, Dimitri A; Pich, Andrij; Zhu, Xiaomin; Moller, Martin

Aqueous microgels modified with photosensitive wedge-shaped amphiphilic molecules: synthesis, structure and photochemical behaviour. (Article de journal)

Photochemical & photobiological sciences : Official journal of the European Photochemistry Association and the European Society for Photobiology, 2019.

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Khadem-Abbassi, Kiana; Rinnert, Herve; Balan, Lavinia; Doumandji, Zahra; Joubert, Olivier; Masteri-Farahani, Majid; Schneider, Raphael

CdTe0.5S0.5/ZnS Quantum Dots Embedded in a Molecularly Imprinted Polymer for the Selective Optosensing of Dopamine. (Article de journal)

Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland), 9 (5), 2019.

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Clair, Charles; Lallam, Abdelaziz; Rosenthal, Martin; Sztucki, Michael; Vatankhah-Varnosfaderani, Mohammad; Keith, Andrew N; Cong, Yidan; Liang, Heyi; Dobrynin, Andrey V; Sheiko, Sergei S; Ivanov, Dimitri A

Strained Bottlebrushes in Super-Soft Physical Networks (Article de journal)

Acs Macro Letters, 8 (5), p. 530–534, 2019.

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Pichot, V; Guerchoux, M; Muller, O; Guillevic, M; Fioux, P; Merlat, L; Spitzer, D

Nanodiamond coating by polyethylenimine for optical limitation (Article de journal)

Diamond and Related Materials, 95 , p. 55–59, 2019.

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Deon, Sebastien; Koubaa, Zakaryae; Korzhova, Elizaveta; Airoudj, Aissam; Fievet, Patrick; Roucoules, Vincent

Understanding the impact of poly(allylamine) plasma grafting on the filtration performances of a commercial polymeric membrane (Article de journal)

Separation and Purification Technology, 212 , p. 30–39, 2019.

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Zazou, Hicham; Afanga, Hanane; Akhouairi, Siham; Ouchtak, Hassan; Addi, Abdelaziz Ait; Akbour, Rachid Ait; Assabbane, Ali; Douch, Jamaa; Elmchaouri, Abdellah; Duplay, Joelle; Jada, Amane; Hamdani, Mohamed

Treatment of textile industry wastewater by electrocoagulation coupled with electrochemical advanced oxidation process (Article de journal)

Journal of Water Process Engineering, 28 , p. 214–221, 2019.

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Anokhin, Denis V; Grafskaia, Kseniia N; Izdelieva, Inessa A; Zhu, Xiaomin; Ivanov, Dimitri A

Polymer conformation in supramolecular complexes with wedge-shaped ligands: Exploring the impact of the liquid-crystalline organization (Article de journal)

Polymer, 170 , p. 142–147, 2019.

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Trinh, Thi Kim Hoang; Malval, Jean-Pierre; Morlet-Savary, Fabrice; Pinaud, Julien; Lacroix-Desmazes, Patrick; Reibel, Corine; Heroguez, Valerie; Chemtob, Abraham

Mixture of Azolium Tetraphenylborate with Isopropylthioxanthone: a New Class of N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC) Photogenerator for Polyurethane, Polyester and ROMP Polymers Synthesis. (Article de journal)

Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany), 2019.

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Lai, H; Lu, M; Chen, F; Lalevee, J; Stenzel, M H; Xiao, P

Amphiphilic polymer coated nanodiamonds: a promising platform to deliver azonafide (Article de journal)

Polymer Chemistry, 10 (15), p. 1904–1911, 2019.

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Khiari, Besma; Massoudi, Marwa; Jeguirim, Mejdi

Tunisian tomato waste pyrolysis: thermogravimetry analysis and kinetic study. (Article de journal)

Environmental science and pollution research international, 2019.

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Kiener, Julien; Limousy, Lionel; Jeguirim, Mejdi; Meins, Jean-Marc Le; Hajjar-Garreau, Samar; Bigoin, Gaetan; Ghimbeu, Camelia Matei

Activated Carbon/Transition Metal (Ni, In, Cu) Hexacyanoferrate Nanocomposites for Cesium Adsorption (Article de journal)

Materials, 12 (8), p. 1253, 2019.

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Evariste, Lauris; Lagier, Laura; Gonzalez, Patrice; Mottier, Antoine; Mouchet, Florence; Cadarsi, Stephanie; Lonchambon, Pierre; Daffe, Guillemine; Chimowa, George; Sarrieu, Cyril; Ompraret, Elise; Galibert, Anne-Marie; Ghimbeu, Camelia Matei; Pinelli, Eric; Flahaut, Emmanuel; Gauthier, Laury

Thermal Reduction of Graphene Oxide Mitigates Its In Vivo Genotoxicity Toward Xenopus laevis Tadpoles (Article de journal)

Nanomaterials, 9 (4), p. 584, 2019.

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Boumaiza, Hella; Renard, Aurelien; Robinson, Mbolantenaina Rakotomalala; Kervern, Gwendal; Vidal, Loic; Ruby, Christian; Bergaoui, Latifa; Coustel, Romain

A multi-technique approach for studying Na triclinic and hexagonal birnessites (Article de journal)

Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 272 , p. 234–243, 2019.

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Andrei, Radu Dorin; Cambruzzi, Nathan; Bonne, Magali; Lebeau, Benedicte; Hulea, Vasile

Selective sulfoxidation reactions with H2O2 catalyzed by Ti-containing SBA-15 materials (Article de journal)

Journal of Porous Materials, 26 (2), p. 533–539, 2019.

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Eren, Tugce Nur; Graff, Bernadette; Lalevee, Jacques; Avci, Duygu

Thioxanthone-functionalized 1,6-heptadiene as monomeric photoinitiator (Article de journal)

Progress in Organic Coatings, 128 , p. 148–156, 2019.

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Ay, Emel; Gerard, Violaine; Graff, Bernadette; Morlet-Savary, Fabrice; Mutilangi, William; Galopin, Christophe; Lalevee, Jacques

Citral Photodegradation in Solution: Highlighting of a Radical Pathway in Parallel to Cyclization Pathway. (Article de journal)

Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2019.

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Vauthier, Madeline; Jierry, Loic; Oliveira, Jamerson Carneiro; Hassouna, Lilia; Roucoules, Vincent; Gall, Florence Bally-Le

Interfacial Thermoreversible Chemistry on Functional Coatings: A Focus on the Diels-Alder Reaction (Article de journal)

Advanced Functional Materials, 29 (10), p. 1806765, 2019.

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Guillevic, Mazheva; Pichot, Vincent; Fioux, Philippe; Schnell, Fabien; Spitzer, Denis

Nanodiamond-based energetic core-shell composites: The route towards safer materials (Article de journal)

Diamond and Related Materials, 93 , p. 150–158, 2019.

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Chemtob, Abraham; Feillee, Noemi; Vaulot, Cyril; Ley, Christian; Nouen, Didier Le

Self-Photopolymerization of Poly(disulfide) Oligomers (Article de journal)

Acs Omega, 4 (3), p. 5722–5730, 2019.

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Tsangas, Michail; Jeguirim, Mejdi; Limousy, Lionel; Zorpas, Antonis

The Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process in Combination with PESTEL-SWOT Analysis to Assess the Hydrocarbons Sector in Cyprus (Article de journal)

Energies, 12 (5), p. 791, 2019.

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Khiari, Besma; Moussaoui, Marwa; Jeguirim, Mejdi

Tomato-Processing By-Product Combustion: Thermal and Kinetic Analyses. (Article de journal)

Materials (Basel, Switzerland), 12 (4), 2019.

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Mortada, Boushra; Chaplais, Gerald; Nouali, Habiba; Marichal, Claire; Patarin, Joel

Phase Transformations of Metal-Organic Frameworks MAF-6 and ZIF-71 during Intrusion-Extrusion Experiments (Article de journal)

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123 (7), p. 4319–4328, 2019.

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Jeguirim, Mejdi; Limousy, Lionel

Biomass Chars: Elaboration, Characterization and Applications II (Article de journal)

Energies, 12 (3), p. 384, 2019.

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Abidi, Nejib; Duplay, Joelle; Jada, Amane; Errais, Emna; Ghazi, Malika; Semhi, Khadija; Trabelsi-Ayadi, Malika

Removal of anionic dye from textile industries' effluents by using Tunisian clays as adsorbents. Zeta potential and streaming-induced potential measurements (Article de journal)

Comptes Rendus Chimie, 22 (2-3), p. Latvian Clay Sci Soc, 2019.

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Issaoui, Mansour; Limousy, Lionel

Low-cost ceramic membranes: Synthesis, classifications, and applications (Article de journal)

Comptes Rendus Chimie, 22 (2-3), p. Latvian Clay Sci Soc, 2019.

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Miron, Simona M; Dutournie, Patrick; Thabet, Kawther; Ponche, Arnaud

Filtration of protein-based solutions with ceramic ultrafiltration membrane. Study of selectivity, adsorption, and protein denaturation (Article de journal)

Comptes Rendus Chimie, 22 (2-3), p. Latvian Clay Sci Soc, 2019.

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Frikha, Kawthar; Limousy, Lionel; Bouaziz, Jamel; Bennici, Simona; Chaari, Kamel; Jeguirim, Mejdi

Elaboration of alumina-based materials by solution combustion synthesis: A review (Article de journal)

Comptes Rendus Chimie, 22 (2-3), p. Latvian Clay Sci Soc, 2019.

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Allam, Djaouida; Bennici, Simona; Limousy, Lionel; Hocine, Smain

Improved Cu- and Zn-based catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol (Article de journal)

Comptes Rendus Chimie, 22 (2-3), p. Latvian Clay Sci Soc, 2019.

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Miron, Simona M; Brendle, Jocelyne; Josien, Ludovic; Fourcade, Florence; Rojas, Franck; Amrane, Abdeltif; Limousy, Lionel

Development of a new cathode for the electro-Fenton process combining carbon felt and iron-containing organic-inorganic hybrids (Article de journal)

Comptes Rendus Chimie, 22 (2-3), p. Latvian Clay Sci Soc, 2019.

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Dutournie, Patrick; Bruneau, Marion; Brendle, Jocelyne; Limousy, Lionel; Pluchon, Sylvain

Mass transfer modelling in clay-based material: Estimation of apparent diffusivity of a molecule of interest (Article de journal)

Comptes Rendus Chimie, 22 (2-3), p. Latvian Clay Sci Soc, 2019.

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Chaillot, Dylan; Miehe-Brendle, Jocelyne; Bennici, Simona

Insights on the influence of the precursors on the sol-gel synthesis of hybrid organic-inorganic saponite-like materials (Article de journal)

Comptes Rendus Chimie, 22 (2-3), p. Latvian Clay Sci Soc, 2019.

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Hanache, Layla El; Lebeau, Benedicte; Nouali, Habiba; Toufaily, Joumana; Hamieh, Tayssir; Daou, Jean T

Performance of surfactant-modified *BEA-type zeolite nanosponges for the removal of nitrate in contaminated water: Effect of the external surface. (Article de journal)

Journal of hazardous materials, 364 , p. 206–217, 2019.

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Nita, Cristina; Fullenwarth, Julien; Monconduit, Laure; Meins, Jean-Marc Le; Fioux, Philippe; Parmentier, Julien; Ghimbeu, Camelia Matei

Eco-friendly synthesis of SiO2 nanoparticles confined in hard carbon: A promising material with unexpected mechanism for Li-ion batteries (Article de journal)

Carbon, 143 , p. 598–609, 2019.

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Abdelaziz, Malek Ben; Chouchene, Bilel; Balan, Lavinia; Gries, Thomas; Medjahdi, Ghouti; Ezzaouia, Hatem; Schneider, Raphael

One pot synthesis of bismuth oxide/graphitic carbon nitride composites with high photocatalytic activity (Article de journal)

Molecular Catalysis, 463 , p. 110–118, 2019.

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Bardon, Julien; Dieden, Reiner; Grysan, Patrick; Mertz, Gregory; Martin, Arnaud; Delmee, Maxime; Ruch, David

Mechanical properties of thin plasma polymer coatings from hexanediol dimethacrylate and relations with their chemical properties (Article de journal)

Surface & Coatings Technology, 358 , p. 320–330, 2019.

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Khiari, Besma; Wakkel, Manel; Abdelmoumen, Souhir; Jeguirim, Mejdi

Dynamics and Kinetics of Cupric Ion Removal from Wastewaters by Tunisian Solid Crude Olive-Oil Waste. (Article de journal)

Materials (Basel, Switzerland), 12 (3), 2019.

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Boukhchina, Sahar; Akrout, Hanene; Berling, Dominique; Bousselmi, Latifa

Highly efficient modified lead oxide electrode using a spin coating/electrodeposition mode on titanium for electrochemical treatment of pharmaceutical pollutant. (Article de journal)

Chemosphere, 221 , p. 356–365, 2019.

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Quint, Valentin; Chouchene, Nourhene; Askri, Moheddine; Lalevee, Jacques; Gaumont, Annie-Claude; Lakhdar, Sami

Visible-light-mediated -phosphorylation of N-aryl tertiary amines through the formation of electron-donor-acceptor complexes: synthetic and mechanistic studies (Article de journal)

Organic Chemistry Frontiers, 6 (1), p. 41–44, 2019.

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Ghrear, Tamara Mahmoud Ali; Rigolet, Severinne; Daou, Jean T; Mintova, Svetlana; Ling, Tau Chuan; Tan, Soon Huat; Ng, Eng-Poh

Synthesis of Cs-ABW nanozeolite in organotemplate-free system (Article de journal)

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 277 , p. 78–83, 2019.

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Girard, Clement; Gupta, Manisha; Lallam, Abdelaziz; Anokhin, Denis V; Bovsunovskaya, Polina V; Akhyamova, Azaliya F; Melnikov, Alexey P; Piryazev, Alexey A; Rodygin, Alexander I; Rychkov, Andrey A; Grafskaya, Kseniia N; Shabratova, Ekaterina D; Zhu, Xiaomin; Moeller, Martin; Ivanov, Dimitri A

Synthesis and characterization of poly(ester amide amide)s of different alkylene chain lengths (Article de journal)

Polymer Bulletin, 76 (1), p. 495–509, 2019.

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