Biomimetic systems and bio inspired materials across scales

Humans have always strived to copy biological systems. An emblematic example of such biomimicry is Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine inspired by bird flight. Recent advances in science have enabled us to develop technologies that go far beyond imitation of nature. Superhydrophobic materials, nano-swimming machines, human organoids, and artificial intelligence are just a few examples of modern biomimetics. On the other hand, we have severely damaged ecosystems through industrialization and natural resources exploitation, provoking global climate change and biodiversity decline.

At this conference, we will explore a wide range of concepts and technological advances inspired by the living world, ranging from molecular mechanisms to architecture and social innovation, from both scientific and artistic perspectives. We will also discuss how biological systems can inspire us to adopt a third way of living in the Anthropocene, against the dogmas of performance and optimisation, and help break this cycle of over-exploitation.

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Keynote speakers : Ali Miserez, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Mathias Lütolf, Roche Institute for Translational Bioengineering, Basel

Thomas Speck, Botanic garden, Freiburg

Olivier Hamant, ENS, Lyon

Scientific and organizing committee (University of Haute-Alsace – Institute of Materials

Science of Mulhouse, CNRS)

Laurent Pieuchot, Karine Anselme, Arnaud Ponche, Carole Arnold,

Hernando S. Salapare III, and Laurent Vonna

About the artists

Gaspard & Sandra BÉBIÉ-VALÉRIAN are two visual artists focusing on social and environment issues such as energy production, interspecism symbiosis, and cooperation for survival.  They believe in the power of care to foster more empathy and a better understanding of ecosystems. For that purpose, they include in their researches living organisms as agents for change, involving both a respectful and humble position towards the complicated diversity of life. For this event, they will propose a performative « Conference on a Sofa » with Manuel FADAT, curator and art critic, to lively discuss on one of their latest artwork « Humatker » : a hybrid sculpture and installation which combines three entities that embodies the cohabitation regime of our time : one biological, one software and one synthetic.

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