Self-Assembled Functional Materials

In the last few decades, the self-assembly phenomena have evolved from the area of purely academic studies to an object of applied science research. Spontaneous or directed self-assembly of molecular and supramolecular entities, such as nano- and microparticles of various nature, allows to structure materials on a scale that is unattainable by the modern “top-down” approaches. These materials have unique properties, or radically improved characteristics. For example, self-organized super-lattices of spherical silica particles with a diameter of hundreds of nanometers to microns, known as photonic crystals, are characterized by a bandgap for the propagation of light of certain wavelengths in certain directions. Hierarchical self-organization of micro- and nanoscopic granules leads to a radical improvement in the performance of Li-ion batteries. Many other examples of successful materials designed via the self-assembly phenomena exist in other fields, such as ultrafiltration, electronics, biomedical materials, and so on. At this conference, we will bring together scientists who are actively using self-assembly in their research on advanced materials to discuss cutting-edge research and ideas in this rapidly evolving field.

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About the artist

Samuel Bianchini is an artist and professor at École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD, PSL University, Paris) where he is the head the Reflective Interaction group of EnsadLab (EnsAD’s laboratory).
His creations involve physical as well as symbolic operations, in context, in public and in real time, stimulating us to contemplate, to think as much as to act. With more than 100 collective and 20 solo exhibitions, his works are regularly presented in Europe and around the world. He exhibits the installation Out of Frame in the framework of the IS2M meeting.

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Advisory board

G. Reiter (Freiburg University), V. Fierro (Université de Lorraine), D. Ivanov ( IS2M), C. Palivan (The University of Basel), V. Luchnikov (IS2M)

Local organization committee

V. Luchnikov, L. Vonna, L. Simon, L. Pieuchot,, O. Soppera