Char and Carbon Materials Derived from Biomass

1st Edition


Production, Characterization and Applications


Char and Carbon Materials Derived from Biomass : Production, Characterization and Applications provides an overview of biomass char production methods (pyrolysis, hydrothermal carbonization, etc.), along with the characterization techniques typically used (Scanning Electronic Microscopy, X-Ray Fluorescence, Nitrogen adsorption, etc.) In addition, the book includes a discussion of the various properties of biomass chars and their suitable recovery processes, concluding with a demonstration of applications. As biomass can be converted to energy, biofuels and bioproducts via thermochemical conversion processes, such as combustion, pyrolysis and gasification, this book is ideal for professionals in energy production and storage fields, as well as professionals in waste treatment, gas treatment, and more.
Editors : Mejdi Jeguirim and  Lionel Limousy
Paperback ISBN : 9780128148938
Imprint : Elsevier
Published Date : 29th March 2019
Page Count : 506