The Institute of Materials Science of Mulhouse honors again its PhD students during the « Young Scientists Day » ! Every year at IS2M, a day is dedicated to the work of the non-permanent staff : the « Young Scientists Day ». It is a conference, organized by and for the IS2M Ph.D. and post-doctoral students, with the aim of introducing them to the different research themes of the institute, and creating bonds between  them. They can present their work in the form of short oral presentations or posters. Guest speakers will share their experiences, which allows great moments of knowledge sharing over various topics.
This day is an opportunity for IS2M members to get to know the newcomers, to discover the current various research themes, but also and especially to develop the links of the scientific network during a festive event. This 4th edition of the event will take place on April 12, at Starcky 15, Mulhouse. We hope to see you there !

The organizing committee : Yuanyuan GAO, Tom HAVET, Valentine LAVAUX, Samuel PERNET, Olha SYSOVA, Constance THOMAS