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Chemistry course

The objective of this course is to give students a solid background in the field of chemistry with a good foundation in physics and mathematics. The acquisition of skills is gradual, with the proportion of chemistry teaching becoming more significant over the semesters in relation to physics and mathematics. This means the chemistry lectures and practical work start focusing on more and more specialised fields (polymer chemistry, molecular symmetry, materials chemistry during the 3rd year).

The choice between two options in 3rd year (Materials option and Molecular Chemistry option) gives students the option to continue their studies via existing courses at UHA (Masters in Materials, Masters in Chemistry or Masters in Risk and Environment) or at other universities.

The employment opportunities relate to chemistry and materials chemistry with professions such as :

  • Engineer (admission on the basis of exam grades or by entrance exam) (level L2 or L3),
  • Researcher in the public or private domain.
  • Teacher in a secondary or primary school through admission to the Teacher Training Masters preparing for the CAPES or CAPE exams.

Head :  Julien Parmentier

The content of the training as well as various administrative and educational information can be found on the website using the following link : http://www.fst.uha.fr/