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The National School of Chemistry of Mulhouse trains multi-skilled chemical engineers able to adapt to the needs of the company and quickly become operational. It offers theoretical and practical training in chemistry (organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, cosmetology, environment, formulation, materials, safety …) offering a wide range of careers to its graduates.

The School is accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (CTI) and its training of chemical engineers has ISO 9001 certification. It is also accredited by the CNES&ST (National Council for Education in Health and Safety at Work).

The School is involved in several networks of Grandes Écoles, including the Gay Lussac Federation bringing together the Schools of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in France and Alsace Tech, which brings together the 14 engineering, management and architecture schools in Alsace.

Proximity to research

The teaching at ENSCMu is based on research conducted on the Mulhouse campus within the Chemistry, physics, materials and environment faculty which brings together the CNRS and UHA units. The teacher-researchers conduct their research and ensure the students benefit from it. The students also become familiar with research thanks to the 2nd year research internship and the possibility for volunteers to carry out research projects offered by the laboratories.

Proximity with the company

The professional environment is a major part of the training at ENSCMu through the involvement of professionals in teaching, conferences and meetings organised at the school but also on ENSCMu’s boards. Companies also welcome interns from ENSCMu every year and can benefit from the services of its Junior-Company, Horizons Alsace Chimie.

A fantastic location for its students

ENSCMu is located on a green campus which is very accessible and provides all university services. Students also benefit from the internship and employment opportunities offered by the cross-border context with Switzerland and Germany. Lastly, they live in recently-built and well-equipped premises and enjoy a rich and exciting community life.