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Technical Platforms

The eleven  ISO 9001 certified characterisation platforms at IS2M

The IS2M has had 11 ISO9001 certified platforms since December 2011 which group together 41 machines and are under the responsibility of 15 ITA/BIATSS staff and 1 teacher-researchers. The investment in equipment since 2011 amounts to over €4 million.

These platforms are accessible to the various research teams and to our academic or industrial partners via collaboration agreements.


The 11 platforms at IS2M :

Definition and major advantages for the Institute :

The themes and research projects of the different areas of the IS2M man that researchers and teacher-researchers to need to call on several advanced techniques responding to the collective needs and grouped into platforms.
They meet the following criteria :

  • Grouping of equipment corresponding to unifying projects or to collective needs (equipment that is not used mainly by a single team or that does not belong to a single research theme
  • Scientific and financial policy defined by the director and the consultation bodies of the laboratory (Scientific Board, Laboratory Board)
  • Management of the operation of the platform by an ITA-BIATSS and/or a researcher (review of requests, schedule, maintenance and quality management)
  • Operation and maintenance ensured by the general operating expenses of the laboratory (shared fund fed by contract levies and basic support)
  • Accessibility to all IS2M researchers througha schedule made available to everyone
  • Accessibility to external academic or industrial persons in accordance with a price grid published on the B.O. Monies received for these services feeds into IS2M’s shared fund.
  • Adherence to a quality approach

These platforms are all under the responsibility of a highly qualified ITA/BIATSS and for some of them (multi-site platforms or number of important machines), technical managers have also been identified. When the technique requires it (XPS spectroscopy, X-ray diffusion), a teacher-researcher is linked as a scientific manager. The different human resources thus make it possible to keep these platforms at a high level of technicality and to offer analytical possibilities meeting the demands of the IS2M’s thematic areas.

The quality approach and the coordination of platforms ensure a system whose objective is :

  • to respond to the requests of the IS2M working groups and our external partners,
  • to have an optimal and homogeneous mode of operation (access, training of students, reservation of equipment, computer backup…)
  • submit annual reports (use, budget) through the various IS2M bodies


Platform managers :

  • Aissam AIROUDJ (IE)
  • Tatania PETITHORY (IE)
  • Simon GREE (IE)
  • Ludovic JOSIEN (IE)
  • Habiba NOUALI (IR)
  • Séverine RIGOLET (IR)
  • Gautier SCHRODJ (IE)
  • Loïc VIDAL (IR)
  • Philippe FIOUX (IE)
  • Samar GARREAU (IE)
  • Philippe KUNEMANN (AI)

Contact :


Scientific managers :

  • Jean-Marc LE MEINS (MdC)
  • Arnaud PONCHE (MdC)

Technical managers :

  • Stephan KNOPF (T)
  • Laure MICHELIN (AI)
  • Cyril VAULOT (IR)