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FTIR and Raman spectroscopy

IR spectrometry with its accessories makes it possible to analyse the chemical functions of all types of materials. Raman spectrometry gives access to chemical, morphological and structural information.



Gree Simon
Contact : simon.gree@uha.fr or laure.michelin@uha.fr


Areas of activity :
Infra-red and Raman spectrometers can be grouped together under the name of vibrational spectrometry.
As its name suggests, vibrational spectrometry allows probing of vibrational levels to characterise functional groups and the structure of materials. The analysis can be qualitative as well as quantitative.

The use of this technique in the institute mainly relates to qualitative analysis and surface analysis. Moreover, Raman spectrometry is a technique of choice for the analysis of carbon and is widely used for this type of sample.

Main equipment (strengths of the Institute) :

The platform is equipped with 2 FTIR spectrometers and 3 RAMAN spectrometers :

  • FTIR spectrometry
    • 1 FTIR spectrometer
    • 1 FTIR microscope
    • 1 PM-IRRAS
    • Accessories : Variable angle transmission, ATR, DRIFT, IRRAS
  • Raman spectrometry
    • 1 Raman spectrometer 532 nm and 632 nm
    • 1 Raman spectrometer 244 nm and 488 nm
    • 1 FT-Raman spectrometer 1064nm

Technical description

FTIR Bruker Model IFS66/S Spectrometer
Location rue Jean Starcky
Detector MCT spectral range : 4000cm-1 at 600cm-1
Accessories Microscope
PM-IRRAS module
Accessibility self-service after training by the manager.

Contact :     Simon Gree

Horiba Raman Spectrometer model Labram BX40
Location rue Jean Starcky
Lasers 532nm with straight polarization
632nm with straight polarization
Detector CCD
Network 600l/mm et 1800l/mm
Objectives x10, x50LWD, x100, 90° prism for the observation of liquids.
632 nm half-wave blade
Max. axial resolution. : 1.3μm

Contact : Simon Gree

UV Labram HR Raman Spectrometer
Location rue Jean Starcky
Laser 514nm, 257nm, 244nm
Detector Cryogenic Back Illuminated UV Sensitive CCD Detector
Objectives x10, x50, x100
UV lens x40
Network 600l/mm et 1800l/mm
UV Network 2400l/mm

Contact : Simon Gree

FTIR Bruker Spectrometer model Equinox55
Location rue Alfred Werner
Detectors MCT => spectral range : 4000cm-1 at 600cm-1

DTGS => Spectral range : 4000cm-1 to 400cm-1

Contact :     Laure Michelin

Bruker Raman Spectrometer Model FRA 106/S
Location rue Alfred Werner
Laser Nd-YAG (1064nm)
Detector Germanium diode
Laser power 500mW

Contact : Laure Michelin