IS2M, Mulhouse Materials Science Institute

Logo CNRS Universite Haute Alsace        

Multidisciplinary laboratory
in the field of materials

and reference training center





Research fields

➜ Functionalization

➜ Surfaces & interfaces

➜ Porous materials

Research activity supported by
high-performance equipments
and 11 ISO9001 certified technical platforms.

The Mulhouse Materials Science Institute (IS2M) is a CNRS-University mixed research unit.

The Institute brings together chemists, physical chemists, physicists and biologists.


Researchers and research professors


Research support staff and experts in  characterization techniques  

+ de 100

Students of various levels trained each year


  • December 13 - 10h30 - 11h00

    Soutenance de thèse Adrian Beda

    titre de la thèse : Development of eco-friendly hard carbons for Na-ion batteries   (soutenance de thèse à huis clos, seul le 1er quart d’heure sera public)  

    at Amphithéâtre de l’IS2M
  • December 20 - 8h00 - 17h00

    Soutenance de thèse de Natalia Massara

    Titre de la thèse : Découverte et fonctionnalisation du cristal bidimensionnel germanène.


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