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Physical Science Course

Physical Science Course

The aim of this course is to give students a general and solid training in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics allowing the student to become :

a Researcher in physics, physical materials in public or private R&D.

an Engineer (admission on the basis of exam grades or by entrance exam) (level L2 or L3)

Teacher in secondary education through admission to the preparation for the CAPES and other competitive exams of that level, through access to a Master’s degree in teacher training

Teacher in primary education(Professor of Schools) through admission to a Master’s degree in teacher training.

This course is a real bi-disciplinary course in Physics and Chemistry, in which a minimum level of Mathematics is guaranteed. This foundation is essential for the full achievement of a high level Masters in Materials, in the field of Nanosciences in particular, for which the combination of Physics and Chemistry at level L is essential.

Head : Carmelo Pirri

The content of the training as well as various administrative and educational information can be found on the website using the following link : 

t :  http://www.fst.uha.fr/