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Regio Chimica degree

The cross-border degree in chemistry, the Regio Chimica, is a three-year chemistry course, integrating the cultures of the three countries bordering the Upper Rhine (France, Germany, Switzerland). Born out of an original idea from ​​Serge Neunlist, former director of the National School of Chemistry of Mulhouse (ENSCMu), this degree is the result of a collaboration between the National School of Chemistry of Mulhouse (ENSCMu), the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) of the University of Haute-Alsace and the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg.

The principle behind Regio Chimica

The cross-border degree in chemistry, Regio Chimica, offers the unique opportunity to combine science and cultural teachings, practising three languages ​​(French, German, English) and alternating between living in France and Germany. Mainly for those with a scientific baccalaureate, the French and German students study together for the first two years and finish their studies in the university of their choice in the 3rd year, according to the chosen specialisms. They benefit from specific support in this cross-border experience through an inter-cultural education, a unique feature of the training.

People are talking about it…

Inter-cultural skills, an asset for the Upper Rhine region
“The development of the Upper Rhine region relies on ambassadors who have inter-cultural skills in their very DNA. A recognition that was the generic idea of ​​Regio Chimica at the very beginning of the 3rd millennium. Today, there is a widespread conviction that our society requires multi-cultural key people, with the ability to adapt and consciously decode new situations and we are inclined to believe that the establishment of Regio Chimica and, by extension, the NovaTris Cross-Border Skills Centre at UHA have made a significant contribution to this. The dynamic initiated by Regio Chimica in 2010, after 3 years of intensive and collegiate preparation by highly-motivated ambassadors both in Freiburg and Mulhouse, has allowed significant progress to be made : the introduction, alongside the ”core business” of chemistry teaching, of specific inter-cultural teaching (module designed by the Euro-Institute) to help students, during their studies, to learn about different university cultures and their own customs, values ​​and tacit codes so that they can gain a new perspective, learn to bounce back, rebuild new benchmarks and develop a truly inter-cultural skill-set, invaluable for their studies but, most importantly, their future professional life. A real skills-based approach … to be expanded ! »

Serge Neunlist, Vice President in charge of International Relations at the University of Haute-Alsace and Florence Duchêne-Lacroix, NovaTris

An exciting experience
“My experience with the Regio Chimica program, as part of a bilingual group of students, can be summed up in one word : exciting. I learned so much about German culture and certainly about myself and my own culture. After these three years of study, I can now say that I feel at home in both France and Germany, but also that I have the inter-cultural tools I need to come face to face with a new culture. »

Pauline Bentz, Regio Chimica graduate in 2013

Cross-border training that meets the needs of the job market
“The cross-border Regio Chimica course, which has been offered by our universities for four years, is enriching in many ways. Students and faculties in both countries are implementing learning methods that ultimately bring more understanding, tolerance and better collaboration. Inter-cultural skills and awareness of other cultures, developed by students during their three years of study, are a real asset for their future career. They find it easy to consider a cross-border scientific position in the Rhine Basin or elsewhere in the world. This means that the Upper Rhine region, through companies and research collaborations, also benefits from Regio Chimica and the attractive skills of its students. »

Harald Hillebrecht (University of Freiburg) and Christophe Krembel (University of Haute-Alsace), directors of the Regio Chimica degree programme

Contact in France :
Florence Bally-Le Gall, Université de Haute-Alsace
Tel : +33 (0)3 89 33 68 54
Mail : regiochimica.enscmu@uha.fr
Site web : www.enscmu.uha.fr/regio-chimica

Contact in Germany :
Brigitte Mundinger, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Tel : +49 (0)761 203 6133
Mail : regiochimica@uni-freiburg.de
Site web : www.regiochimica.uni-freiburg.de